1. I've thought a lot about who I want to be within the List App community. A writing professor once told me that in order to make an impact on social media you had to pick a focus and write about that and establish yourself as an "expert" on that topic.
  2. I considered becoming a music lister, but there are so many people here who do that way better than I do!
    And I listen to the same stuff everyone else does.
  3. I don't have cute kids to post about
    Single in SLC...I should get my own show (or start a blog)
  4. I don't have pets
  5. And I'm not particularly finny
  6. I think about writing a lot, but are those lists boring?
  7. So basically I can't decide what I want to be here!
  8. But I LOVE reading everyone else's lists
  9. Is it possible to just be a reader here?