My Life as Described by Bob's Burgers Gifs

  1. When I finally build up the courage to talk to my crush...
    How I think it's going to go.
  2. When I finally build up the course to talk to my crush...
    How it ACTUALLY goes.
  3. The fact that no matter what I do, my mother still somehow dictates my life.
    I'm 23 mom! I can handle myself!
  4. Video games are love. Video games are life.
    Geek Pride y'all. Geek Pride.
  5. When I'm out with my friends and I've had a little too much liquid courage and dance like nobody is watching.
    But in reality everyone is watching and my friends are trying to stop me from making an absolute fool of myself. You guys are the real MVPs.
  6. Wanting more than anything to find that ONE person I can truly be myself with.
    And they love me even though I'm completely screwed up.
  7. But until that day, I'll just be thankful for all the beautiful people I call my friends.
    I really do love you all. ❤️