1. The Campus
    First and foremost, WVU's campus is frickin' beautiful. And anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Let's be real. Woodburn Hall is basically a damn castle.
  2. The Classes
    The professors knew what they were talking about, the classes were fun (for the most part), and I learned a good deal of information I still use. Honestly, I loved almost every class I took at WVU. Especially when we got to have class outside.
  3. The Food
    Seriously. There was no better place to get drunk food (or just food in general) than Morgantown, WV. Also, there was no better place to get pizza than Pizza Al's. Maybe Morgantown Brewing Company is a close second, but it's still in second.
  4. The People
    WVU had a great collection of people. You had jocks, you had preps, you had nerds, you had Mountaineers. Everyone seemed to come together no matter who or what you were when you first arrived at WVU. Once you were there it didn't seem to matter. You bled Blue and Gold. You were a Mountaineer.
  5. Fall Fest
    Speaking of coming together, every fall at the beginning of the new school year, WVU would throw one of the biggest concerts *cough* parties *cough* of the year. Nearly the entire student body would gather on top of the Mountain Lair to ring in the new semester in style.
    Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is like experiencing a WVU football game with thousands of other drunk and rowdy students. From first downs to touchdowns, you will learn all of the hand motions and cheers that go along with them - girls be warned, you will be tossed in the air. And you will never forget the overwhelming rush of Mountaineer pride that surges through you when WVU takes the win, everyone joins together, and belts out Country Roads in a hauntingly beautiful tune.
  7. The Parties/Night Life
    Ok, I'm not going to lie. WVU is known for its parties and yes, I'm sure there are some wild and crazy parties that happen in downtown Morgantown. But I never lived downtown and therefore my parties, while still fun, were much more...mild. I don't look back on my time at WVU and necessarily miss parties or going downtown, but I will say it definitely made my time more... interesting while living in Morgantown.
  8. The Friends
    I don't even know how to begin to explain all of the friends I made at WVU and how they are friendships I hope will last a lifetime.
  9. Static
    Over the years I met so many awesome people...
  10. Static
    And developed strong friendships with many of them.
  11. Static
    Even though I haven't seen some of them in a while...
  12. Static
    I will never forget any of them.