You've heard of the Colbert Bump? @stevecady and @chriscady generously included a list of mine in the inaugural Cady Corner THE CADY CORNER® (NOVEMBER 2016 ISSUE) and I'm experiencing a similar surge in life quality
  1. Improved esteem
    I smile more
  2. Improved hygiene
    I smell less sweaty
  3. Improved Huguenots
    I mobilize 17th century French Reformationists (I don't understand how my fingers typed their way into this autocorrect of hygiene but sure it's accurate)
  4. Improved likability
    I sit not alone at lunch
  5. Improved likability
    I gained 10 likes
  6. Improved appearances
    I comb into the tightest hair swooshes
  7. Improved financial standing
    I yielded 4.2% end of period growth in my retirement savings
  8. Improved muscle mass
    I push-upped so much I left two deep hand imprints into my carpet
  9. Improved hydration
    I peed 8 times in 8 hours
  10. Improved timbre
    I harmonize beautifully
  11. Improved speed
    I sprint down hallways at work much faster
  12. Improved fuel economy
    I shrunk my carbon footprint
  13. Improved temperature
    I left my house without a coat
  14. Improved coolness
    I watched a skateboard music video
  15. Improved vocabulary
    I bumptiously coined the Cady Bump phenomenon