Derivative of @k8mcgarry, @amieshmamie, @marymurphy, etc's great idea on revealing our inebriated id's instinctive storytelling topics
  1. The Frasier where Frasier is cast in a tourism commercial and Freddie goes goth and Niles rebels by consuming a negligible amount of pot brownie leading him to come dangerously close to over-braising his chard and high Martin invents fridge pants
    "High Holidays"
  2. The Frasier where Frasier is consumed with defeating Martin in chess and Niles buys a prissy dog to impress Daphne and Roz swoons after her hairdresser who has no interest in her and by the way Martin may have purposely lost the chess game and it's open to deep interpretation by the ardent fan
    "Chess Pains"
  3. The Frasier where Niles sinks a halfcourt shot granny-style at the Sonics game and Martin proudly brings him to hang with the boys at McGinty's and jealous Frasier undermines Niles' popularity and Niles wore suspenders to an NBA game
    "Hooping Cranes"
  4. The Frasier where the KACL staff performs radio theater and Roz suffers speaking through her emergency dental surgery and Gil Chesterton romps in the fens and spinnies
    "Ham Radio"
  5. The Frasier where the Crane brothers open a restaurant and Daphne cleaves an eel and the sprinklers douse the patrons and there's cherry jubilee and the sprinkler-inducing fire and cherry jubilee are intimately related and a car drives into the restaurant
    "The Innkeepers"
  6. But wait, there's more! Bonus drunk "Wings" narration:
  7. The Wings when Antonio has to babysit the irritable Boston Bruins player and Sandpiper Air struggles with bad publicity and Roy reminisces about his favorite TV dinner
    "The Team Player"