Requested by @jz
  1. Code for a picture of Donald Trump on a windy day
    Ee616a0e 4366 46a2 bd37 c1515f3329b4
  2. Brand engagement for that As Seen on TV bacon product
    40cc1e66 a550 4653 9d81 105ee0a63f4e
  3. Digital used car sale advertisement
    1348ee21 8e61 4144 bb1e 39a3bc425c26
  4. Shorthand for wonton soup
    97ceb656 0fe8 4bf3 940d b2d1214d9a56
  5. A character for Red Sea seaweed
    B06cf124 2a64 43ae 8b93 372d1f0b2767
  6. Wish someone a happy birthday with a ~*wacky*~ birthday cake
    906e9872 d13a 497b 9611 59104d428d1b
  7. The Noid as an abstract emoji
    E40e292f 25e2 4664 b71c c66a7debfa8a
  8. Bonus eighth use: a trophy for @jz for allowing me to reference Lil B in 2 separate lists in 1 day
    1b6c2fd4 1515 4700 98d6 0299a28416d5