Collegiate wisdom. Thanks @k8zinker!
  1. 1. If you run out of clean underwear
    wearing a bathing suit is acceptable
  2. 2. If you run of out clean bathing suits
    invest in Febreeze
  3. 3. Lysol improves every situation in life
  4. 4. Lysol wipes improve every situation in life
  5. 5. Peanut butter & jelly is your budget's favorite lunch and/or dinner
  6. 6. Dust
    All your guests and all your sinuses will be grateful. Use said Lysol wipes if you have to
  7. 7. Buy extra underwear
    And extra bathing suits
  8. But practical advice aside, what I really implore you to do is
  9. Live life as if you're in the front row