Anytime I see a "LISTRODUCE MYSELF" on my scroll

Or, how The List App was sold to Tidal
  1. Jay Z blurting the intro to "Public Service Announcement" clicks in my brain.
  2. Jay Z is always whispering in my ear.
  3. Jay Z's encircled any direction I turn.
  4. Jay Z singles me out.
  5. The specter of Jay Z haunts my ever-waking scroll.
  6. Scroll, scroll, scr-
  7. Scrol-
  8. It's Pavlovian. I am a dog triggered by a tuning fork.
  9. My months of li.sting have been little more than a careful presentation of meat paste. And now the fork has been rung.
  10. There is one logical conclusion.
  11. is owned by Tidal.
  12. The development crew received a flush of seed money conditional on covertly transforming the app into native advertising for Tidal.
  13. "Tidal Waves" anyone?
  14. The truth is out there.
  15. Right, Jay Z?