Note: "Slacks" is a criminally underused noun and is to be deployed whenever appropriate. Signed, The 55 year old Steve
  1. 5. Black
    For funeral goers and wait staff only. Black's old fashioned - quite literally. Steer clear from the black pants when possible to avoid "Mom bought my pants" appearances.
  2. 4. Khaki
    For substitute teaches and Sunday afternoons. Not casual, but you live on the lighter side of life. A fine choice during summer months but its limited shelf life precludes it from being top tier legwear.
  3. 3. Light Gray
    For a slick, bold look. The light gray pants + brown shoes combo breathes modern and colors you as a fresh, renegade personality on the job. Statement pant choice.
  4. 2. Charcoal Gray
    For a power look. Charcoal gray has rendered black obsolete and stands tall as the new standard pants shade. It purports capability and strength in performance, and a keen eye to the future. Charcoal gray signals "this guy belongs."
  5. 1. Blue
    For a dependable, inviting look. Blue distinguishes the wearer among darker pants coworkers with an ethos of nonaggressive confidence. Blue pants people are trustworthy advocates and instantly an ally you want in your project. If charcoal gray is strength, blue is wisdom.
  6. No color is left behind in a well-balanced wardrobe, and as a collective readies the wearer for any last minute professional situation.
  7. Except maybe green.
    **Fake out** Andy Bernard is the man