Life-altering advice from Chuck's Captain Awesome. And now, I send it over to Dr. Devin Woodcomb 👉🏼
  1. "There comes a time in every man's life when he reaches, well a crossroads.
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  2. A time when he must ask himself:
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  3. Am I a tucker?
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  4. I'm talking about your shirt, Morgan.
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  5. I wasn't always a tucker, you know. Then one day it just happened.
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  6. - How do you know it's time?
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  7. Just feel it.
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  8. Go ahead, tuck her in. See how she feels.
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  9. - Nah nah no. I'm just kinda happy how my shirts hang there.
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  10. C'mon. You're safe in here. Do it.
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  11. - *deep breath*
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  12. - I don't know..
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  13. - I, I kinda feel like my junk's out there for the whole world to see.
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  14. Maybe that's the point Morgan.
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  15. Maybe that's the point.
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  16. (This list has been brought to you by a guy with a tucked-in shirt)