Requested by Ali M

Favorite Expletives #*%&!$, Ranked

We're keeping this PG-13, people.
  1. 8. SpongeBob dolphin noise
    Honorable mention to that unintelligible, interchangeable chirpy stutter. Nice 🐬🐬 day we're having.
  2. 7. D'Arvit!
    Gnommish word from the Artemis Fowl book series. Do not cross Commander Root.
  3. 6. Shut the h*%% up
    Mouths shut pretty quickly after this one. No I cannot trouble you for a warm glass of milk.
  4. 5. @$$
    Jack, dumb, -hole, -wipe, -hat, -y McGee, and countless others. The base Lego in your homemade expletive.
  5. 4. You sonnuva b*^&#!
    A Jack Bauer classic. For when you're narrowing your aggressive, TV-14 language to one specific person.
  6. 3. Bulls#^!
    Even better when paired with a "This is" by Lt. Daniels. Something about how the 🐃 rolls off the tongue.
  7. 2. Horses#^!
    Used only in those extreme situations. Like weddings that disrespectfully serve salmon.
  8. 1A. Damnit ____!
    THE angry turn of phrase. 24's employed it so memorably there's an entire wikia page (and drinking game) devoted to it.
  9. 1B. Damnit Phyllis!
    But actually, the definitive use of the word.