We're keeping this PG-13, people.
  1. 8. SpongeBob dolphin noise
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    Honorable mention to that unintelligible, interchangeable chirpy stutter. Nice 🐬🐬 day we're having.
  2. 7. D'Arvit!
    Gnommish word from the Artemis Fowl book series. Do not cross Commander Root.
  3. 6. Shut the h*%% up
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    Mouths shut pretty quickly after this one. No I cannot trouble you for a warm glass of milk.
  4. 5. @$$
    Jack, dumb, -hole, -wipe, -hat, -y McGee, and countless others. The base Lego in your homemade expletive.
  5. 4. You sonnuva b*^&#!
    A Jack Bauer classic. For when you're narrowing your aggressive, TV-14 language to one specific person.
  6. 3. Bulls#^!
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    Even better when paired with a "This is" by Lt. Daniels. Something about how the 🐃 rolls off the tongue.
  7. 2. Horses#^!
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    Used only in those extreme situations. Like weddings that disrespectfully serve salmon.
  8. 1A. Damnit ____!
    THE angry turn of phrase. 24's employed it so memorably there's an entire wikia page (and drinking game) devoted to it. http://24.wikia.com/wiki/Damn_it.
  9. 1B. Damnit Phyllis!
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    But actually, the definitive use of the word. https://vine.co/v/ObYu0m1F0Jg