Thanks to Cold War Kids for gifting the world, and my waking days, with this earworm.
  1. Sorry
    1c8ec937 af8d 4a6a 8894 7c7e950f642a
  2. Starry
    Aa3edda9 f450 448d 9d7d 4a168e491ec5
  3. Ari
    3205d4f9 6096 4e0e b85c 322bad9ede03
  4. Kalahari
    9a3a7c7f 01bf 4be6 8029 d40ef514eee9
  5. Nary
    128fecf1 2362 481f b844 93b8e5389127
  6. Amar'e
    8aac0da5 6aa5 4989 87f7 321d534885e7
  7. Maury
    Ce94bf57 e60a 4e50 aaf2 f40baf262e28
  8. Dory
    A3173af8 6531 42f6 b382 06494be1ac63
  9. Carey
    Da4fd9c0 ee4c 4f10 9448 199663fc8fc9
  10. "Sorry" by Justin Bieber
    1b038cd9 6bd4 4d37 99de d813e9bcdab8