Fly Ties That'd Amplify My Young Professional Game

A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life. – Oscar Wilde
  1. Houndstooth tie
    For when I'm in Alabama. It's an unofficial official color
  2. Blake's Workaholics tie
    For I when I'm feeling tight butthole
  3. Pink/Orange striped tie
  4. For when I'm preventing/causing a nuclear meltdown in Sector 7G
  5. Space Jam tie
    For when I'm balling
  6. Tetris tie
    For when I'm ballin
  7. DK tie
    For when it's on like Donkey Kong. Which is almost 💯 of the time
  8. Neon tube tie
    For when that's so raving
  9. McDonald's tie
    For when I'm an official sponsor of the Olympics
  10. The Undertaker Tie
    For when I'm in a casket match at SummerSlam
  11. 007 tie
    For when I'm serving Her Majesty
  12. Ducky tie
    For when I'm in a forgettable season of a sitcom
  13. Ty tie
    For when I'm a beanie baby
  14. Honorable mention to the tie Michael Scott chewed his food with at Chili's
  15. My Young Professional status isn't at full Rookie. It's a solid Novice rank.
  16. Plot twist: I own one of these ties.
  17. If you can guess which tie I own I'll award you two free relists.
  18. And any other winning suggestions to add to my tie rack get another relist
  19. For reference, my relists are the equivalent of one Schrute Buck
    1,000 can be exchanged for 5 extra minutes of lunch
  20. Good luck!