Frasier Memes and Taylor Swift Falling, Intermingled

Baby I hear the blues are calling, Tossed Taylors and Scrambled Swift, mercy
  1. "You go fall with your friends, stumble with your friends, tumble with me" 🎼
  2. Laser Frasier
  3. "Say you'll remember me, tripping while in mid step, dripping wet with fresh sweat, babe" 🎼
  4. Dr. Crane's ocular cycloptic inoculation
  5. "We never go out of balance, we never go, we never goo" 🎼
  6. The Under Frasier
    Or conversely, the FrasierTaker. Seattle's snobbiest professional wrestler.
  7. "I think I know where you belong I think I know it's with meee, crumbling to the ground" 🎼
  8. The KACL Heavyweight Champion
    Shouts out to Twitter@ edsbs of SBNation
  9. "Or its gonna go down in flames" 🎼
  10. Disapproving Frasier Crane
  11. And finally, Kelsey Grammar falling off stage