I would rethink the spelling of the moniker except I'm doing really good on this level.
  1. The following list is accompanied by shame, regret, and further shame.
  2. But it is the truth. It is my truth.
  3. Time to show my stripes.
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  4. Time to unwrap the facts.
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  5. I am addicted to Candy Crush.
  6. I've heard it all. It's boring. It's rigged. It's a mom's game. You're wasting your time. You're wasting your life.
  7. Nobody's incorrect. And yet there I am. There I still am. Swiping away.
  8. I know it's a menace. That doesn't stop me.
  9. I'm like Chocolate Boy. I keep coming back.
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  10. It started with the original Candy Crush Saga.
  11. I had played Bejeweled casually, like everybody in 2005. Surely this game was nothing special.
  12. Thoughts of an innocent young mind.
  13. Soon my head was filled with geometric patterns begging to be paired.
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  14. It fed my competitive side. I swore that with each 30 minute, 5 live interval I better beat at least one level.
  15. Anything less, disappointment.
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  16. With the rising complexity grew an even more aggressive drive to win. Who here doesn't remember the first time they (finally) eviscerated Level 65?
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    Don't answer that.
  17. Level 100, Level 200, Level 300. Days, weeks, months. Blurred lines.
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  18. At Level 343 my phone broke. My entire achievement met an abrupt interrupt.
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  19. Sure there were withdrawals in the proceeding days, but I coped. Almost instantly I was clean. In my hands I held a new phone and a new outlook on life.
  20. For a year.
  21. Until.
  22. Candy Crush Saga: Soda.
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  23. I'm on level 478.
  24. Welp.
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  25. 🆘
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  26. The first step is admission.
  27. First step = color 💣💣ed
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  28. You heard it here first: the next step, one life per play. I have to put my phone down right after.
  29. Baby steps. I'm ready to CRUSH that goal.
  30. *Deep breath*
  31. That felt good.
  32. But don't even get me started about this.
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