I don't peg myself as foodie. Yet my curiosity was tickled by this ambitious pairing of low fat milk and orange creamsicle flavor. Overcome by Halloween spirit, I abandoned all sense of judgment and bought a jug.
  1. Came for the seasonal pun...
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    "Orange Scream." What a topical name. Have to appreciate the appeal to people who love mixing holidays and dairy drinks.
  2. ...Stayed for the organic ingredients.
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    No artificial growth hormones!* No high fructose corn syrup! Slightly worried by that asterisk. But no turning back now.
  3. "Limited Edition!"
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    Take note all milk collectors
  4. First sip impressions
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    Not terrible. The flavors pair well together. Reminiscent of a watered down orange creamsicle yogurt.
  5. Bottom of the glass impressions
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    Please let this be done. The orange flavor has faded away, the milk flavor has vanished. I'm drinking a glass of sour orange dye.
  6. Three hours later
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  7. My score: 140/140 calories. I feel nauseous. Can't wait for TrueMoo's Thanksgiving themed milk.