I Tried Truemoo "Orange Scream" Milk and This Is My Story

I don't peg myself as foodie. Yet my curiosity was tickled by this ambitious pairing of low fat milk and orange creamsicle flavor. Overcome by Halloween spirit, I abandoned all sense of judgment and bought a jug.
  1. Came for the seasonal pun...
    "Orange Scream." What a topical name. Have to appreciate the appeal to people who love mixing holidays and dairy drinks.
  2. ...Stayed for the organic ingredients.
    No artificial growth hormones!* No high fructose corn syrup! Slightly worried by that asterisk. But no turning back now.
  3. "Limited Edition!"
    Take note all milk collectors
  4. First sip impressions
    Not terrible. The flavors pair well together. Reminiscent of a watered down orange creamsicle yogurt.
  5. Bottom of the glass impressions
    Please let this be done. The orange flavor has faded away, the milk flavor has vanished. I'm drinking a glass of sour orange dye.
  6. Three hours later
  7. My score: 140/140 calories. I feel nauseous. Can't wait for TrueMoo's Thanksgiving themed milk.