A buffering moment of quiet for the unsung stars of Season 1's outfit
  1. Mail Chimp's Italian user
    "Use'a Mail Chimp"
  2. The Global Tel-Link collect call voice
    There are smooth operators, and there is her. Silk.
  3. The creaky theme song
    I associated the intro with loose floorboards, an abandoned hallway, and smoky windows. Not a straight horror scene, but atmospherically atonal.
  4. A sense of freshness
    It's impossible to recreate the gradual birth of a phenomenon. As many have echoed so far, the face level familiarity of the Bergdahl story sucks a significant portion of the mystery.
  5. The armchair investigator
    Part of Serial's appeal was the DIY approach taken by Koenig and her team. One could imagine themselves apart of the investigation. While the independence remains, interacting with military officials, filmmakers, and the literal Taliban removes that aura.
  6. Its identity
    Pardon my reactionary self. Something about this outing feels too polished to be the Serial of old. As @Fitz aptly put it, this is True Detective season 2. https://li.st/l/4PCr3WlfY5QolOmmPChseo
  7. On the plus side though,
  8. We gained Kevin Garnett as lead researcher
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    Biggest shock of the episode