The first 3 episodes are streaming on the NBC app, Hulu, and probably many other unspeakable avenues.
  1. Pleasant
    I never hated my time I spent watching the pilot. In the realm of network pilots that is a resounding victory.
  2. A blossoming ensemble
    Ensemble comedy is a personal favorite of mine. The richer the character cast, the farther invested I am in their stories. Shows that germinate secondary and tertiary faces often feel livelier, and in turn can buy extra patience from me after a couple dud episodes.
  3. that has potential.
    Without giving away too much, broadly I can see the show attempting to balance crazy and heartfelt in proper doses. This is key. It's a strength of other juggernaut ensemble comedies in my books: Cheers, the Simpsons, the Office, Parks.
  4. Retail stores are brilliant settings
    Sprawling, modular, recognizable. It can relate to a wide audience. Or maybe I just miss the Buy-More. Or maybe I just miss Chuck. Shout out to 40 Year Old Virgin as well.
  5. NBC needs fresh blood
    Undateable is solid, and I think Superstore could gain enough momentum to show up next year in a reemerging comedy slate.
  6. I rate 70% out of 100% off
    Still early to render a full judgment but no way is this a failing grade.
  7. Watch one episode, get two free!
    How is this not in their promo. Producers of the show: you know where to find me. (The List App)