Jobs I'd Really Like to Do Other Than the One I'm Already Doing

Linking this list to my profile. Thanks @marissarae 👍🏼
  1. Touring drummer
    The dream. *slams crash cymbal*
  2. Professional lawn gamer
  3. Jeopardy announcer
    "This...isss....Jeopardy!" is one of my finest impressions.
  4. Writer
    I've been building fictional universes since my action figures day at a ripe old age 5. Friends and I collaborated a couple years ago to write a mystery saga set in a superhero influenced metropolis, and it was a blast (Eventually the setting spun off an alternate history where the United States abolished federalism. Creativity juices at 100% of a doctor's daily recommendation). Being a career blogger or novelist would be top notch.
  5. Golfer
    My ability's nowhere near capable, but in a dream fulfillment prompt? Without a doubt the world's greatest job. On the daily.
  6. Max Goof at Disney World
    If you've followed my lists closely, you knew this was coming. Cc @ErinFlaherty