1. Many a drunken conversation in my life has fishtailed into a discussion over Kanye West.
    His music. His cultural cache. His personal evolution. His music again. His legacy.
  2. Congratulations List App, you are being brought into the fold.
    Though technically this is not drunken. The draft was but that's since been cleaned up. Maybe one day...
  3. Power (Remix) demolishes the original Power and in its rubble constructs THE definitive amp-up anthem in the Kanye catalogue.
  4. Let's discuss why.
  5. 1. Jay-Z
    There's a reason Kanye concluded the Education Trilogy with Big Brother, altogether a love letter to Jay. Their partnership runs deep, and Kanye delivers his best output when Jay-Z is involved on the project. His sensibilities refocus the production.
  6. 2. Shifting drops
    The song fluctuates between the familiar Power beat and new, erratic additions. They give the remix a sense of direction as it builds. The original beat isn't necessarily bad, but grows repetitive over the course of the original.
  7. 3. Amazing vocals by whoever the background guy is
    Long before Bound 2, this guy's oh-Oh-ohh and eyy-aeah vocal runs shocked and awed a Kanye track.
  8. 4. Everybody do the Power Clap.
    Clap. Clap. Clap. How this didn't end up in the original baffles me.
  9. 5. Space for Kanye to Kanye
    The original crams verse shoulder width apart from verse with the beat-vocals shouting constantly, leaving little breathing room. The remix, for as loud as it is, includes a quieter interlude where Kanye raps contemplative over the piano melody. It's cool.
  10. 6. Showtime!
    Where the Remix, in one fell swoop, slays the original. Kanye's sampling is second to none. The use of I Got the Power in tandem with Kanye fast rapping, after all the build beforehand, will get you banging.
  11. 7. Showtime!
    So great it belongs on the list twice. How this didn't end up in the original baffles me.
  12. If you have an upcoming interview, first date, house cleaning jamboree, playoff game, or anything you need to get irrationally pumped up for, this song with do it.
  13. Enjoy.