Kevin Durant signing w/ the GS Warriors, translated for

Kevin Durant, former MVP, has signed with current MVP Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors. The basketball world is blown up by anticipation to see what results.
  1. It's as if Amy Poehler joined the 2016 Ghostbusters
  2. It's as if La Croix joined the tricked out Coca-Cola vending machines
  3. It's as if Rihanna joined as the third Carter-Knowles spouse
  4. It's as if Target was acquired by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
  5. It's as if Chicago joined Los Angeles
  6. It's as if Ariana Grande joined Fifth Harmony
    Or more really whoever @k8mcgarry says joining Fifth Harmony would both excite and frighten her with their potential
  7. It's just like when Spider-man joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  8. It's as if Bejeweled pieces joined as a Candy Crush add-on
    @ErinFlaherty hold me back
  9. It's as if Scandal America elected President Bartlett
  10. It's as if @michael_circa91 joined the next animated Disney feature
  11. It's as if Canada Day joined the 4th of July in a mega North America independence mega celebration
  12. It's as if @chriscady and @stevecady signed @dfly to their ancestors' surname