Requested by Liz

Lawn Games, Ranked by My Ability to Dominate

@LizDawson I like the use of "dominate" when discussing a relaxing, recreational lawn game. So spot on. Partner up? We got next.
  1. Disclaimer: Players must hold a hot dog, a beer, your partner's hot dog, your partner's beer, or some combination thereof in one hand.
    This isn't amateur hour. This is a lawn game.
  2. 8. Kan Jam
    Throw your frisbee toward the small plastic can, where your partner attempts to jam it inside or outside the can. My frisbee game is inconsistent so Kan Jam ranks at low domination levels.
  3. 7. Croquet
    Your British great-grandfathers' lawn game. Just keep knocking your ball through the wickets. Out of style, outmoded, and somehow still evergreen. Few situations in life are as frustrating as getting blasted to the other side of the lawn in a hotly contested game with your family.
  4. 6. Ladder Ball
    Whip your bola (two balls connected by a string. News to me) toward around a ladder rung to score points. My least played game on the list, but intuitive enough that rookies can show flashes of dominance.
  5. 5. Spike Ball
    THIS game. The newest addition to my repertoire and easily the most explosive. Miniature volleyball with a splash of ping pong. Be prepared to dive, roll, yell, and ice yourself afterward. As sacrilegious as it sounds, domination is irrelevant when you're having this much fun.
  6. 4. Washers
    We now enter classic lawn game territory. Land your washer inside the box, and inside the tube for bonus points. Washers has the steepest learning curve for rusty players to acclimate themselves to. It can be a painful process. But once you're 🔛, time to dominant.
  7. 3. Bocce
    Toss your big ball closest to the little ball. That's it. In its simplicity lies untold difficulty. Having a working knowledge of your terrain is critical. I'm all about undertossing and letting the lumpy grass bounce my ball to a win.
  8. 2. Wiffle Ball
    There's variations, but at its heart Wiffle Ball is lawn baseball. Of all lawn games I've invested the most hours here. Passions run deep, tensions run high, and winning margins are razor thin. I'm getting pumped up typing this. Leave right field open and I will crank one over your head.
  9. 1. Bags
    The Stairway to Heaven of lawn games. Toss your bag onto the board or into the hole. Perfect in every aspect - scoring, competitive balance, accessibility. When you score back-to-back-to-back ringers you ascend to turfgrass nirvana.