Let's Read a Magazine: Nintendo Power

Inspired by @erinflusche THE FIRST MAGAZINE I BOUGHT, I unearthed this from an old box buried beneath other old boxes. In the words of Super Mario 64, heeere we goOOOoo
  1. Mario Tennis 64 graced the cover
  2. Fun fact: Waluigi debuted in Mario Tennis 64, and the game marks the first appearance of modern Princess Daisy
    But really slapstick Wario humor is what sells magazines
  3. A dated Wal-Mart ad opens the magazine
    "The best games can't always be found on the playground." "Sure beats tetherball, doesn't it?" Zachary, ignore Wal-Mart.
  4. Godzilla 2000 IN THEATERS THIS SUMMER
  5. Anti-tobacco ad asking readers to rip out cigarette ads in other magazines. Invokes Gandhi and Mother Teresa
    Guerrilla marketing for destructive pre-teens
  6. Ad for Pokemon binders
  7. Ad for Pokemon Burger King Big Kids meal toys
  8. Ad for Pokemon the Movie 2000
    'EM ALL
  9. Ad for "Pokemon Stuff"
    The height of Pokemania. And Kellogg's probably made a killing on their Pokemon syrup pourer and Nutri-Grain Pokemon CD-Rom
  10. This one's weird. An ad for Netgen Card, a parental control modified credit card for "independent teens"
    And as of right now there's virtually no online trace of this company or product. This entire concept does not smell right. The ad's adult baby motif makes me uncomfortable
  11. A poster for a Donald Duck video game
    The typeface insinuates he's cussing. Nice
  12. An ad for a video game console repair service
    Only $30 if your sad GameBoy melts
  13. A review section which reviews such timeless games as:
  14. Rugrats: Totally Angelica
  15. Pocket GT Racing
  16. Space Marauder
  17. Mary-Kate & Ashley: Get a Clue!
    Girl Gumshoes?
  18. NASCAR 2000
    Loaded with Options?
  19. Gobs of Games
  20. ESPN Track & Field 2000
    "Agony of De Feet"??
  21. Jimmy White's Cue Ball
    "Smooth like Buttah"??
  22. Credit to the magazine's writing staff for, as evidenced above, doing their thing.
  23. And credit to Nintendo and Mike Myers collaborating to give the world an Austin Powers Game Boy game.
  24. Nintendo Power was pretty sweet back in the day.