Li.sters and the Baseball Players who I Presume are their Cousins

Straight up All-Star material. Or the very least, a baseball card collection I'd negotiate to sell for like $20
  1. @ErinFlaherty and Eric Flaherty
  2. @ShawnKelly and Don Kelly
  3. @saytrumbo and Mark Trumbo
  4. @marymurphy and @joemurphy and Daniel Murphy
  5. @LizDawson and Andre Dawson
  6. @dustinboone and Aaron Boone
  7. @andersun and Brady Anderson
  8. @gwcoffey and Todd Coffey
  9. @k8mcgarry and Mark McGwire
  10. @sarahgorman and Brian Gorman
  11. @chriscady and @stevecady and Hick Cady