Mc-gifs of Mcgruff the Crime Dog

America's resident anti-crime canine leaps from the school assembly scene onto the NEW spiffy, giffy List App 🔍🐺
  1. McGruff doing his Larry David impersonation.
  2. We sure he wasn't available for the Super Bowl halftime show?
  3. Look at him tickle those ivories. That pooch could've played Uptown Funk by ear.
  4. ...Ok it's apparent he aggressively likes the piano.
  5. ...and ok it's apparent McGruff is open to home invasion.
  6. Beyond apparent costumed McGruff was a bad idea.
  7. On second thought, maybe this dog is better left in a gif-less decade.
  8. JPEGs! Much better!
  9. Until next time, McGruff.