My Acceptable Celebrity DoppelgÄnger List

  1. Steve Martin, when I'm 63
  2. Steve Carrell, when I'm playing poop ball
  3. Stove, when I'm an appliance
  4. Steve Yzerman, when I'm feeling Canadian
  5. Steve Coogan, when I'm impersonating Michael Caine
  6. Steve Harvey, when I'm cheesin'
  7. Crazy Steve, when I'm Crazy
  8. Steve Tyler, when I'm espousing the wonders of Skittles
  9. Steve Colbert, when I'm lecturing and pointing
  10. Steve Buscemi, when I'm about to pick up the spare
  11. Steve Bartman, when I clumsily interfere with the expectations of daily life
  12. Steve Earle, when I walk through the garden
  13. Steve Urkel, when I'm watching Family Matters
  14. And Steve Ballmer, when I'm getting pumped
  15. Like ready to party pumped
  16. Like a mix of pumped and Crazy
  17. Or, overwhelmingly sweaty