Other Things That Aren't Actually the "Best Medicine"

The generic off-the-shelf version of Dr. @k8mcgarry's prescription Things That Aren't Actually the "Best Medicine"
  1. Claritin pillows
    Stuffed with antihistamine-steroided Canadian geese feathers
  2. Airborne
    Placebo fizz
  3. Head On
    Placebo face deodorant
  4. Flintstone Vitamins
    As the author of Flintstones Vitamins, in 2 words, I can openly admit they're candy
  5. Medicine balls
    Beach balls' Crossfit obsessed cousins
  6. Hand held medicine balls
    Correction. Best medicine for this guy
  7. Nasal sprays
    Almost claimed Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting's face
  8. Dimetapp
    Almost claimed Lil Wayne's brain
  9. Ice water
    Claimed Ted Cruz's man card
  10. Drix from Osmosis Jones
    Bill Murray nearly died no thanks to him
  11. Whey protein
    Bodybuilding supplement that's ruined digestive systems
  12. Jack3d
    Bodybuilding supplement that's literally killed people
  13. Cheerios
    Just a cereal