Big thanks and recognition to @nathanveshecco for the original, engaging list concept. Very underrated idea. Hope to see more! Heck, if anyone else wants ideas I'm happy to deputize. Comment and i'll request out to you peeps some more Over/Under categories.
  1. The Muppets = Adequately rated
    Breaking the rules out of the gate. The Muppets strike an exceedingly rare balance between inoffensive and actually funny humor. Their playful, colorful nature is inviting to a range of ages, and their comedy reaches across the spectrum of styles. Still, they're increasingly irrelevant to modern families. Like the Looney Tunes and Hanna Barbara I'm afraid to say they're barely more than a legacy brand in 2016. Which is essentially how they're "rated". Adequately. Verdict: 🐸☕️
  2. Cereal = Overrated
    Cereal's the OG Brexit. It exited breakfast looong ago. Nobody's got the time to deal with cumbersome bowls, messy milk, and slow spoonfuls in the morning. It's either loaded with sugar or basically straw. Give me a breakfast bar over cereal all day. Verdict: Nutritionally limp breakfast option.
  3. Bruce Springsteen = Underrated
    Hardest working 66 year old on stage. He's the consummate performer, elevating his musicianship beyond rock n roller. To wit, his blend of jazz instrumentation and live flair has spawned a sound that's wholly American and likely to endure in American music history. Five decades deep and he's still as sweating like it's his last performance ever. Respect. Verdict: he's Proved it All Night
  4. 30 Rock = Overrated by diehard fans, Underrated by general viewing populace
    30 Rock's an interesting beast. It's joke-heavy, it's surreal, it's a textbook on how a comedian designs a comedy TV show. It's also kind of heartless, inconsequential, and annoying at times. In the most complementary way, it reminds me of a live-action Simpsons -season 7-on. It can be great, but it's too over-written to be everlasting great. Verdict: Superman does good and 30 Rock does well.
  5. Quiet = Quite underrated
    Life happens in the quiet. You figure yourself out, and the world, in the quiet. Wisdom is quiet. Enduring love is quiet. Death is quiet. Verdict: .....{I'll let you [quietly] determine that}