RIP to any up-to-10-year future occurrence of these diseases on the prowl

Know the faccines and get vaccines. Also:'s autofill image search is disastrous for medical terminology. Please pass the eye bleach
  1. The TDAP vaccine cometh
  2. RIP Pertussis
    College nickname for the Whooping Cough. Pertussis = Perforated. Dunzo.
  3. RIP Diphtheria
    Causes a thick, choking coating to form in the back of throat. Pronouncing the "phth" then becomes ever more challenging. Diphtheria = Disintegrated. Dunzo.
  4. RIP Tetanus
    Muscle stiffener that descends into developing Lockjaw. Despite the name, doesn't target your rectum. Tetanus = victim of Tet Offensive. Dunzo.
  5. Flexing on my inoculation high
  6. Get protected people 💉
    "Shots Shots Shots" - Lil Jon