Squidward & Rabbit Are the Same Person

Err, the same anthropomorphic animal. Clearly the 100 Acre Hundred Woods and Bikini Bottom are sister cities.
  1. Temperamental neighbors
    In stark contrast to the cheerier Pooh and SpongeBob
  2. Obsessive enthusiasts
    Their commitment to their garden and clarinet exceeds normal hobbies
  3. Slightly effeminate
    Not that there's anything wrong with that
  4. Occasional villains...
    They'll hoard their honey, or laugh at you so hard their nose shrivels up
  5. ...but actually true blue friends
    But then they'll share their honey, and slam a Krusty Krab Pizza in the face of your bullies
  6. I thought theses were all coincidences. Until one last link made the connection undeniable.
  7. They're artists.
  8. This
  9. And especially this