Err, the same anthropomorphic animal. Clearly the 100 Acre Hundred Woods and Bikini Bottom are sister cities.
  1. Temperamental neighbors
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    In stark contrast to the cheerier Pooh and SpongeBob
  2. Obsessive enthusiasts
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    Their commitment to their garden and clarinet exceeds normal hobbies
  3. Slightly effeminate
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    Not that there's anything wrong with that
  4. Occasional villains...
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    They'll hoard their honey, or laugh at you so hard their nose shrivels up
  5. ...but actually true blue friends
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    But then they'll share their honey, and slam a Krusty Krab Pizza in the face of your bullies
  6. I thought theses were all coincidences. Until one last link made the connection undeniable.
  7. They're artists.
  8. This
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  9. And especially this
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