Thank You Daniel Bryan

There goes a wrestling legend. Backed by a worldclass work ethic, Bryan catapulted to stardom despite an unconventional look and inconsistent confidence from management. For everything, thank you.
  1. Monday night, professional wrestling star Daniel Bryan announced his immediate retirement due to flagging health issues, chief among them concussion-related issues.
  2. His legacy on the wrestling landscape at large will carry on. For now, fans all over are sharing their gratitude for his legacy.
    Thank you Daniel Bryan, for:
  3. For recalibrating the public perception of how a popular wrestler should look
  4. For your inspirational charitable work and tireless gift of self
  5. For the biggest new stadium chant since the Seven Nation Army chant
  6. It's been spotted all over
  7. Allllllll over
  8. For bringing critical awareness to the lasting effects of concussions and the importance of proper treatment
  9. For capturing the imaginations of an enormous contingent of fans
  10. For the bumps you took
  11. For the years you gave
  12. For the partnerships
  13. For the rivalries
  14. For the moments
  15. For all the moments
  16. Thank you, Daniel Bryan