Requested by biz

The Best Things in Life Are ________.

You're the best. Around. Nothing's ever gonna keep you down.
  1. Free
    Air. Water at a restaurant. Lunch provided at work. Love. McDonalds' wifi. Lil B's music.
  2. Strawberry flavored
    Ice cream. Fruit snacks. Actual strawberries. Girls wearing strawberry Chapstick. Bubbalicious gum.
  3. 98.6°
    Another person's body. A south Florida beach. Long showers. Did I mention another person's body?
  4. Loud
    Live concerts. Your car radio turned up all the way. Live concerts coming out of your car radio turned up all the way. IMAX movies.
  5. Shared
    Road trips. Mutual funds. Inside jokes. Uber rides. List requests on the List App.