This is just a small sampling of the vast collection populating (or more appropriately, haunting) Google. Looks like I won't be sleeping tonight.
  1. Mr. Bean as Hillary Clinton
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    Please don't eat me
  2. Mr. Bean as an obese Patriots fan
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    Please don't actually eat me
  3. Mr. Bean as a Nav'i Avatar on a foreign Pokemon card
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    I commend the creativity, but this is plain wrong on too many aspects. Pokemon levels don't go up to 10,000. Pokemon cards don't go up to 180 HP. Attack is spelled with two t's.
  4. Mr. Bean as Megan Fox
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    This is just unfair
  5. Mr. Bean as Kobe Bryant
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  6. Mr. Bean as Justin Bieber
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    Double yikes
  7. Mr. Bean as noseless, eyebrowless Mr. Bean
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    Triple yikes
  8. Mr. Bean as Harry Potter
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    I'm afraid Bertie Bott is already the resident Mr. Bean in wizardom
  9. Mr. Bean as John Cena
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  10. Mr. Bean as a dying Anakin Skywalker
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    I can imagine a laugh track sounding off if this was the actual reveal
  11. Mr. Bean as Bruce Lee
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    The warped dimensions on this photoshop are extra unsettling
  12. Mr. Bean as Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher
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    This is oddly believable
  13. And last but not least, Mr. Bean as a vodka-swilling beardy
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    Happy Movember, everyone