"Anyway, it all happened during that magical summer of 1985. A maturing Joe Piscopo left Saturday Night Live to conquer Hollywood. People Express introduced a generation of hicks to plane travel. And I was [on a list making app]"
  1. I joined the List App just as I was beginnng my first real-deal career and life was in the midst of transitioning. For this reason, I know this app won't soon be forgotten.
  2. A promotional tweet by BJ Novak promised a new avenue of social media. And I bit.
  3. An avenue that was decently anonymous, wildly adaptable, and catered to an ilk of people with which I shared comedic and worldly sensibilities.
  4. From it, an unexpected creative resurgence blossomed.
  5. I'd bounce out lists on the NBA, on board games, on A Goofy Movie, on Mario Baseball, on life writ large.
  6. I'd flex writing muscles otherwise tempered on my other social accounts. The List App became a destination to challenge myself to craft original, wholly authentic content.
  7. I'd engage with a Jake Tapper or a Mindy Kaling through the merit of my material, not ass kissing.
  8. And I'd feed on insightful, hilarious, uplifting, and awesome content produced by ordinary strangers.
  9. The List App will hold an endearing spot in my memory, to be sure.
  10. It's my goal to, here now or in another life [brotha], share a beer over this.
  11. And by beer, I mean multiple Bud Light Platinums® and SoCo limes.
  12. Take care, List App.
  13. You'll be remembered for genuine people, genuine lists, the worst autocorrect in a modern iOS app, and that time John Mayer called me brilliant.
    "One fun fact about you" forever locked down, all thanks to this crazy app.
  14. Dream on, shine on, beam on, carry on.
  15. Giphy