The Tv Dad Barbeque

It's 4th of Labor Memorial Day. Who better to man the picnic than a bunch of our favorite fathers?
  1. Patrick Duffy
    The alpha-male TV dad, in that he falls squarely athwart the alpha-male dad. His dadliness ascends his fictional character's name. Patrick spends the day setting up the tent while the wind bungles his every effort.
  2. Carl Winslow
    The connoisseur. Carl's tasked with setting up the snack table. He struggles limiting himself to three plates of potato salad...per hour!
  3. Danny Tanner
    The busy body. Danny coordinates the picnic site, brings all the chips and 2-liters, and inserts himself in everyone's job. He walks into the tent and it caves in, much to Patrick Duffy's chargin.
  4. Frank Costanza
    The lunatic. His irritability grates on the day's activities, and he fights with Tim Allen over the water balloon toss. He is offended Carl ate the cake before he was offered any.
  5. Dads dads
    Those guys from that show about those guys and their dads. They overcook every burger.
  6. Mr. Dinosaur
    He eats the cast of Dads and the audience applauds.