Things that Become Magnets to me After Work

Or, What Comprises Most of My Life
  1. The Couch
    Like peaceful Public Domain Man resting a remote control on his stomach, I find the couch is irresistible.
  2. The Floor
    Like exasperated Public Domain Business Man, the work slacks hit the carpet once I'm in my room.
  3. The Glass of Water
    Like sensually thirsty Public Domain Woman, I'm chugging water to sustain that sweet, sexy hydration.
  4. The Chips
    Like pleasant, monogamous Public Domain Man, I can't get away from the Pringle can.
  5. The Feed
    Like blurry Public Domain Man leaned against a pole at the beach, I'm insularly focused on my 5 inch handheld brick and indifferent to my surroundings.
  6. The Everybody Loves Raymond
    Like Frank, Marie, Debra, and Robert, I love Raymond. Optimal programming when reverting to a vegetative mental state during your daily decompression.
  7. The Pillow
    Like Public Domain Floor Sleeper, I have never overcome the beckon of my bed. It wins, and I win.
  8. The Thoughts
    Like Public Domain Anthropomorphized Question Mark, the big questions always come back. Where will I be next year? In two years? Have I used this year the best I can, or a little too much chips and Raymond?
  9. The Joy
    Like Public Domain Awesome Hair Man, it always comes back to finding the joy. The "Dude. It's 2016. And you're alive." moment. Finding the life in life, finding the love in life. Smiling huge.