1. What are tidings?
  2. Why do tidings solely reside in our Christmas songs?
  3. Good tidings
    We Wish you a Merry Christmas
  4. Glad tidings
    We Wish you a Merry Christmas - weird version
  5. Tidings of comfort
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  6. Tidings of joy
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen implication
  7. Tidings are referred to in a possessive sense.
    "We bring"
  8. Does one earn tidings?
  9. Is one born into tidings?
  10. Can one tithe tidings?
  11. Did we collectively agree tidings are only to be administered on a seasonal basis?
  12. Loki missed the memo.
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    "I come with glad tidings, of a world made free."
  13. Are tidings old-world speak for "times"?
  14. As in, good tidings = good times?
  15. So in an alternate reality the hit 70's sitcom Good Times goes by Good Tidings?
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  16. Color me confused.
  17. Conclusion: tidings make as much sense as figgy pudding.
    Wtf is that