1. you slobbed sauce on your pants
  2. you bit the inside of your lip
  3. you garbled two separate thoughts into one response
    When agreeing with someone, "I get down with it" and "I dig it" becomes "I get dig with it". This specific example has in no way ever happened to me ever.
  4. you suffered through uncomfortable underwear all day
  5. you farted in a retail store foyer
  6. you parked and reparked and reparked yourself into a single parking spot
  7. you chimed into a group conversation and nobody answered you
    *Advertantly, at least how you took it
  8. you sneezed something out of your nostril
  9. you watched a bland, unimpressionable free movie
  10. you overcooked dinner
  11. you tripped up the stairs
  12. you were addressed by the wrong name and you didn't correct the person
  13. your stomach decided to groan incessantly in a quiet group setting
  14. you deleted something you weren't supposed to
  15. you ate the same thing every meal of the day
    The inevitability of Leftover Pizza Day
  16. you walked into someone
  17. you gave the wrong directions
  18. you gave the wrong date
  19. you spoke while noticeably verklempt
  20. you were unathletically sweating
  21. In summary, Time Hop, but for those moments in life you uttered "dang it" to yourself.
  22. Dangit Hop®
    Dibs. About to go pen a Silicon Valley ripoff centered on this very idea. 🏃🏼💨
  23. (^that emoji is both me running off to write a spec script and me farting in a foyer)