Top 5 Hockey Alternatives

  1. 5. Broomball
    Uncoordinated stumbling around an ice rink has never been more invigorating. There are no brooms involved, just shovel-like sticks. There are many bruises involved.
  2. 4. Bubble Hockey
    An exhibition of mental dexterity and fingertip agility. Incredibly finicky with a steep learning curve. The ultimate barroom tabletop challenge if it weren't for....
  3. 3. Air Hockey
    Pulse-pounding, hunched over aggression. Protect your knuckles because the puck will go airborne. Or better yet, show off those swollen fingers like a real hockey player would.
  4. 2. Mini Sticks / Knee Hockey
    Where air hockey batters your hands, knee hockey bangs up your entire body. Totally worth it. This sport reigns supreme for anyone ages 7-15 in mind or body. Prepare for floor burns, scraped knees, and the inevitable cross check induced bloody nose.
  5. 1. Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey
    For those unaware, the NHL 2K series of video games goes by "Chel". Reference that to your rink rat neighbor and/or younger cousin for instant cred. But long before Netflix & Chel, there was was Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey. The blocky graphics and simple design conceal what still stands as a breakneck experience. The Red Wings or Rangers give you auto-wins. The announcer sends chills down your spine. Your goalie can become a brick wall. *The* #1 hockey simulation to ever grace a 64-bit cartridge.