A free verse contemplation on life in 2015 and the "home" built by The List App.
  1. It's rare a condition in this day and age to read any good news on a newspaper page.
  2. Some people would say love and tradition, of a grand design, are even harder to find.
  3. There must be some "magic" clue inside these gentle walls, where all I see is a tower of dreams. I see real love bursting out of every seam.
  4. Days go by, and we fill our house with happiness.
  5. When the moon cries the blues are smothered with tenderness.
  6. Days go by.
  7. There's room for you and there's room for me. There's room for gentle hearts and opportunity.
  8. Days go by.
  9. It's the bigger love of the family.
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  12. By the way what you have just read was the Family Matters theme song
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  13. I couldn't resist.
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  14. Anyway though. I've come to learn his app houses more generosity, positivity, and goodwill than you often see on social media. Its inclusivity has grown an authentic, list-loving family.
  15. Whatever the antonym for listless is, this app is that.
  16. And at the end of the day, what matters in life?
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  17. Family. Family matters.
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  18. The show Family Matters is what matters in life.
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