Empirical evidence proves these are things you do *not* want waking you up at 5:40 AM. But just what was it exactly?
  1. Bon Iver live in Helsinki 2012, volume cranked up to 10
  2. The premiere of Serial 2, volume cranked up to 10
  3. Auto-Tune the News' spinoff Folk-Tune the News, volume cranked up to 10
  4. An early morning screening of Where the Wild Things Are, volume cranked up to 10
  5. Indie Classics Apple Radio station accompanying my neighbor talking to himself, volume cranked to 10
  6. Dolby 5.1 surround sound speakers positioned right to my wall and projecting gibberish, volume cranked to 10
  7. Feel free to suggest other theories as we uncover the truth. Needless to say, good morning friends