Who Would Be Your Mantourage (Famous Dudes to Hang With)

So many strong options, like the Rock, Mark Wahlburg, and Jerry Seinfeld have been drafted into other lists. That said, I looked to mix in fresh faces within my mantourage. Great suggestion @BWN_7
  1. Chris Pratt
    I could bro out with Andy. Comedy and Marvel is the fastest way to my approval.
  2. Zachary Levi
    I could bro out with Chuck. Genuine, effervescent, and all around the model human being I aspire to be.
  3. Max Goof
    I could bro out with Maximilian. There's an entire unpublished list where I justify A Goofy Movie as not only the greatest Disney flick in history (@ all Disney peeps, ex. @michael_circa91, I stand by this), but one of the 90s finest cinematic output. Max, in his earnest teenage angst, is a large part of that. To those in disagreement - "Beat it doofus"
  4. Michael Critchton
    I could bro out with Mike. One of the finest, gripping contemporary American authors. A graduate of both medical and law school, and a brain I'd love to pick.
  5. John Cena
    I could bro out with The Champ. Hustle, loyalty, and respect are life codes.
  6. Tim Tebow
    I could bro out with Timmy. Motivated, accomplished, and his Christisn witness is plain admirable.
  7. Steve Rogers
    I could bro out with Cap. The First Avenger is a timeless classic. People just might need a little old-fashioned.
  8. Liam Neeson
    I could bro out with Bryan Mills. He has a particular set of skills.
  9. John Diggle
    I could bro out with Digg. The heart of Team Arrow.
  10. Luke Bryan
    I could bro out with Luke. Never a country fan, his music legitimately won me over to the genre. Undeniable good time tunes. SHAKE IT GIRL SHAKE IT FOR ME GIRL 🎸🎼
  11. Jon Lovitz
    *jon lovitz smile*