Light on the fluff and heavy on the bluff, Coup is a fast-paced challenge to outwit, obfuscate, and eliminate your competitors. Previously on WYSBP: Why You Should Be Playing 'Mysterium'🔮
  1. In 5 words, BS plus ruling class politicking.
    Time to take your bullshitting well beyond a 52 card deck. Or if you've ever just wanted to transport yourself to Panem's Capitol, welcome aboard.
  2. Coup pits 2-6 players against one another, and begins by drafting each player 2 influential delegates.
    If both of your delegates are eliminated, you're out of the game. Essentially you have 2 lives.
  3. Each delegate is played face down, and the remainder is placed in the middle deck.
    Your potential delegates are the wealthy Duke, the conniving Captain, the resourceful Ambassador, the lethal Assassin, and the enchanting Contessa.
  4. Also in the center lies the Treasury, the coin hoard that fuels your performance in the game.
  5. Gather at least 7 coins and you can Coup one of your opponent's delegates. As in, permanently remove them from the game. What I like to call the kill shot.
  6. Now, how does one gather coins? What do you actually do in this game?
    Well I'm glad you asked.
  7. For your turn you perform one action. There are basic actions, like taking a single coin.
  8. Or performing a Coup.
    Which costs you 7 coins.
  9. Additionally, each delegate (remember, you get drafted any 2 and they can be duplicates) has its own special action.
  10. For instance, the Duke can take 3 coins.
    Like Duke University's registrar.
  11. The Captain can steal two coins.
    Like a Somalian pirate.
  12. The Assassin can eliminate another delegate and only cost 3 coins.
    And look like Lady Gaga.
  13. Certain delegates also have special defensive actions, which can then nullify an offensive action your opponent attempts. Like a Contessa denying an assassination.
    The Dikembe Mutombo "No No No"
  14. Now to step back, remember that all players' cards are always face down.
  15. THIS is where this all gets interesting.
  16. Because on your turn, no matter what cards you are dealt, you can perform any action at all. ANY action.
  17. Take 3 coins. Steal. Assassinate.
  18. The action does not have to match either of your delegate cards.
  19. Do whatever you want, even if you were dealt say two Ambassadors. Just do whatever is necessary to collect coins and see your opponent's Couped.
  20. The hook is, other players can call BS at any action.
    And if they're correct, you lose your delegate. Lose two and you're out, so exercise caution when bluffing.
  21. But if the player does in fact have the card matching their action, and the other player incorrectly called BS, then that other player loses a delegate card.
    Lose two and you're out, so exercise caution when blurting out BS.
  22. What results is a tension between bluffing and truth-telling, caution and aggression.
  23. Play it safe? Grab an early lead collecting fast money - and risk being an early target? Form alliances? Break alliances?
  24. Untrusting side eyes all around. Until..
  25. Assassinate!
  26. Contessa to block an assassination!
  27. Call BS on the Contessa!
  28. Accusations flying, tables being banged, food being thrown. By game's end you're left with a bloodbath; your trust in your fellow players completely dissolved.
    And then you play again.
  29. Coup takes about 15 minutes, and packs an incredible level of variability as you play more and more games.
    Players are constantly adapting to one another's tendencies, forcing you to regularly tweak your strategy.
  30. At under $15, its a steal.
    Like that pesky Captain.
  31. Prepare your best poker face, abandon all sense of compassion, and get ready to shout. Coup is coo'.