Why You Should Be Playing King of Tokyo🎲

It's one of the hottest gateway games in modern board gaming. Welcome to the 21st century, dice.
  1. In 5 words, Yahtzee plus giant battling monsters.
    Because a small straight is nowhere near is as cool as the Kraken.
  2. Except much, much deeper.
    A far more dynamic experience than the dice-chuckers of old, in that there are actually varying ways to win the game. The core Yahztee mechanic remains - the game depends on what you roll - so gameplay is familiar but richer.
  3. Sucky rolls do not automatically mean you're an irrelevant player.
    There are multiple ways for any player to influence the game's outcome. And a comeback is often one roll away.
  4. Race to be the first to amass 20 victory points,
    The pacifist strategy.
  5. Or target your opponents' 10 life points.
    The fun strategy.
  6. Seriously. Siege Tokyo and unleash carnage upon your enemies.
    Let their tears fill the Tokyo Bay.
  7. Purchase power cards to soup up your monster.
    Deal additional damage, take bonus victory points, roll extra die, or sire your own Baby Godzilla. Strike that, Baby Giga-Zaur.
  8. Outclass and outlast your fellow outlaws to reign supreme atop your conquered Tokyo.
    Gameplay dramatization on right.
  9. One last reason to play: average game time is 30 minutes.
    A five hour Monopoly marathon this ain't.
  10. Only $26.39 on Amazon.