You're in the Super Bowl Charlie Brown

Quietly one of the finest Peanuts gang stories ever sold on VHS
  1. To note, it's a giant ad for the NFL
    Which is cool
  2. And for Shell Gasoline
    Which is slightly less cool
  3. Seriously Shell and the Peanuts partnered to distribute video tapes at participating gas stations
    You're Next to the Skoal, Charlie Brown
  4. Nonetheless, what results is a fun, if not forgettable, story about a neighborhood Punt, Pass & Kick contest. Super Bowl tickets and a new bike (!) are on the line
  5. What was unforgettable was seeing everybody suit up in official NFL apparel, including
  6. Charlie Brown on the 49ers and Linus on the LA Rams
    Best friends actually NFC West rivals. Back before St. Louis Rams when the team was originally from LA, so the video's now strangely current
  7. Franklin on the Oilers
    No longer current
  8. Peppermint Patty on the Broncos and Marcie on the Skins
    Mike Shanahan's a mutual uncle
  9. Pigpen on the Packers
    A background teammate in Pitch Perfect 2
  10. And Lucy on the Raiders
  11. But most memorably, where the video really shines are the interludes
  12. We see the journey of Coach Snoopy leading his team of Woodstocks to the AFL (Animal Football League) title
  13. His game face scowl could make Bill Cowher blush
  14. The differently named Woodstocks are a stacked lineup which includes
  15. Namath, Unitas, and Csonka
    The NFL Legends
  16. Van Buren, Fillmore, Harding
    The Presidents
  17. Grabowski, Kowalski, and Wisnitski
    The Polish dudes
  18. They take on cats
  19. And dominate
  20. They take on dogs
  21. And dominate
  22. They take on buffaloes
  23. And dominate
  24. And celebrate, with a refreshing cooler of "Chirpade"
  25. All chronicled by a magnificent Keith Jackson impersonation who at one point says
  26. "The Birdies are leaving behind a torrent of truculent tabbies"
    So hammy. So excellent.
  27. So on this Super Sunday,
  28. Remember that Peppermint Patty is hardcore cheering for the Broncos
  29. And remember to support your local Shell gas stations