Life's Little Pleasures

  1. Waking up, knowing if I wanted to go back to sleep, I totally could.
    But I don't. I get my ass outta bed and start my day like a man.
  2. Finding a new show on Netflix to binge
    Especially when it's an old show that has like 12 seasons, (supernatural, I'm looking at you.) and you binge it for like, 6 weeks straight
  3. Leaving work the night before you have a couple days off.
    There is always this air of "See y'all later in hell" when you leave work behind in your rear view mirror
  4. That first sip of coffee in the morning
    That bittersweet brown liquid works it's way to your stomach warming your body all the way down. And then you drink 12 more cups throughout the day.
  5. Being with someone you love
    This one is a bit harder to describe, because it's not so much a significant other, it's like people you love being with. It's just being in a room an not having to say anything and just enjoying their presence.
  6. When you mind meld with a friend without words
    When someone says something that makes you and your friend have the SAME DAMN THOUGHT AND YOU BOTH KNOW IT AND START CRACKING UP
  7. Listening to a song that hits you in the feels
    Zac Brown Band. Every single time.
  8. Making someone you have feelings for smile
    It means so much more than words. You feel like you have accomplished something.
  9. When you enter into worship when your alone
    Being in a state of worship where you and God are in communion together, is life changing. Talking with our creator brings me such a beautiful presence of life that is hard to imagine.