1. Why people like to be alone. Ever.
    Okay, I understand the whole introverted recharge thing.... but... no.. that's never gonna be a thing for me
  2. Why people don't say what they mean
    I'm a big fan of "say what you mean and mean what you say". Life's too damned short to beat around the bush. To quote the ever popular Monty Python, "GET ON WIT IT!"
  3. Why people thinks it's okay to hate anybody because of their race, religion, orientation, weight, height, personality etc.
    HOOOOOO BOY IF I CATCH SOMEONE DOIN THAT JUNK THEY GON' CATCH THESE HANDS IN A HURRY. Seriously though, it's okay to disagree, or not be friends with someone, (not because of race I'm mainly talking about orientation and other things like that) because you don't agree with their beliefs etc, but that doesn't give you the right to hate. Jesus preached love. Spread it.
  4. Why people eat fish.
    Ew. Gross.