Ft. Dwight K. Schrute
  1. No filter is best filter
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  2. Slumber
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    These names. But seriously, this makes Dwight look like he was at some barbecue where there were too many mosquitos and someone with a lukewarm beer in their hand hollered for him to around and snapped his poor face
  3. Juno
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    I like the colors but something is just not right
  4. Lark
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    Its ok
  5. Ludwig
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    This was going to be on the cover of a magazine about home cooking
  6. inkwell
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    FOR the black and white WIN!!!
  7. Lo-fi
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  8. Valencia
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    Ehh... Not terrible
  9. Rise
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    Either a shot from a Jane Austen-esque film or 'look, ma, sepia, but like, subtle'
  10. Crema
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    Wtf how do these colors require the name 'crema'
  11. X Pro II
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    'Yeah i can photoshop that. High contrast or something. Mysterious. Colors. I slept through class but i osmosis-ed the theory.'
  12. Aden
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    Selfie from Uncle Billy's camping trip
  13. Mayfair
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    Dark and over-colored but hey.
  14. Hudson
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    Dirty? Purple? Like the Hudson?
  15. Reyes
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    Looks like its from a music video, and the story ends with everyone becoming a zombie or something
  16. Perpetua
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    Who needs this much green in a filter. Why.
  17. Sierra
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    Why so blurry?? 👓??
  18. Amaro
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    SO. MUCH. PINK. Looks like a terrible year book photo
  19. Gingham
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    The filter all families put on the holiday pictures that get sent out every year
  20. Hefe
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    For those looking for the next inspirational sports movie
  21. Moon
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    Moon. MOON. This is classic start-up photography student with the idea that 'b&w looks better' but they don't know how to balance the white and sh*t
  22. Willow
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    Ahhhhh black and white... Aaaalmost balanced
  23. Nashville
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    Now, i have mever been to Nashville, but if its as smoggy as i gather from this picture, i'll stay home
  24. Clarendon
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    It looks like one of those indie movies where you see more pores than you want to