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  1. Steven Spielberg
    Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, Jaws, Saving Private Ryan, Raiders of the Lost Ark
  2. Edgar Wright
    Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs The World
  3. Noah Baumbach
    The Squid and the Whale, Frances Ha
  4. David Fincher
    Seven, Zodiac
  5. Wes Anderson
    Basically all of them
  6. Quentin Tarantino
    Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds
  7. The Coen Brothers
    Fargo, The Big Lebowski, No Country For Old Men
  8. Pete Doctor
    Up, Inside Out
  9. Joss Whedon
    The Avengers, Serenity
  10. James Cameron
    Terminator 2, Titanic, Aliens
  11. Martin Scorsese
    Goodfellas, Taxi Driver
  12. Christopher Nolan
    The Prestige, Inception, Memento, Batman Begins
  13. Robert Zemeckis
    Back to the Future, Forrest Gump
  14. Stanley Kubrick
    The Shining, 2001
  15. Sam Mendes
    American Beauty, Revolutionary Road
  16. Darren Aronofsky
    The Wrestler, Black Swan
  17. Spike Jonze
    Adaptation, Her
  18. John Carpenter
    Halloween, The Thing
  19. PT Anderson
    There Will Be Blood, Boogie Nights
  20. Woody Allen
    Annie Hall, Manhattan, Match Point
  21. Richard Linklater
    Dazed and Confused, Boyhood