When these movies are on TV, the remote just magically stops working.
  1. Mean Girls
    Because I know every single line of that movie... "Oh my God Danny DeVito I love your work!" - Lucy
  2. School of Rock
    Funny, emotional, and breezy, it's such a good time for all ages. - Joshua
  3. Little Women
    Because the movie and what I take from it changes the older I get, and Jo March will never not be who I strive to be. - Allyson
  4. Clueless
    One of the most quotable movies ever! I say "You're a virgin who can't drive" on a daily basis. - Yasmin
  5. 10 Things I Hate About You
    Who doesn't love Heath Ledger being a bad boy? - Yasmin
  6. Back to the Future trilogy
    Such a timeless classic that features some of the most memorable characters and a future that may or may not come true. - Yasmin
  7. Die Hard
    It's the perfect action movie, enjoyable to both watch seriously and take everything in, or just have on in the background. - Alex S.
  8. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Fun and exciting, never a dull moment. Perfect for sitting down and watching all the way through, or just in bits and pieces. - Alex S.
  9. Original Star Wars trilogy
    Because it's Star Wars, and there's never a time you can't enjoy Star Wars. - Alex S.
  10. The Departed
    In spite of its length, the films just flows so well, all of the characters are captivating with Jack Nicholson completely owning the mob boss role, improving it too no less. - Grant
  11. You've Got Mail
    Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan had effortless chemistry, and the movie is just so damn charming you can't help but fall in love with them again and again and again. - Grant
  12. Easy A
    Emma Stone commands the screen in this film, and it has some of the best lines and acting, and helped to redefine the teen comedy genre. - @carrieanne07
  13. When Harry Met Sally
    Beautiful story, such great dialogue, and it has a timelessness to it. - @carrieanne07
  14. Billy Madison
    Is it a dumb movie? Yes. Does it crack me the hell up? Absolutely. This is before Adam Sandler went from cringe-Inducing and funny to cringe inducingly unfunny. I will always check this one out when it's on. - David P.
    One of those movies that demands to be watched and to be experienced. For such a surreal film, it's compulsively watchable, incredibly funny and thoroughly unique; nothing else is like it. - Ryan
  16. The Monkees' Head
    One of those movies that demands to be watched and to be experienced. For such a surreal film, it's compulsively watchable, incredibly funny and thoroughly unique; nothing else is like it. - Ryan
  17. Little Murders
    One of the best dark comedies of the 70s and no one knows about it! Has one of Elliot Gould's best performances of his career to boot. It's out of print on DVD, so if it somehow stumbles onto television, i'm totally there. - Ryan
  18. Fired Up
    One of those movies that doesn't seem to have a cult following but should. Dumb fun but purposely dumb fun. Memorable characters, quotable lines, and very entertaining. - David P.
  19. Bruce Almighty
    It's one of the few comedies that can change my moods in less than 15 minutes after I've had a hard day at school. - Leigh-Ann
  20. Drive
    It's a stylish and entertaining action film that is a great alternative to a lot of its contemporaries. - Joshua
  21. Punch Drunk Love
    Maybe I am totally biased because it is my favorite film, but I have a problem. My problem is I can't not watch this movie to the end when it is on, I can't turn it off. There could be a military coup or a fire in the house and I'd still be transfixed. Any Adam Sandler from before 2000 to be perfectly honest and admit humility. - David P.
  22. Airplane
    Do I even need to explain? - David P.
  23. Get Him To The Greek
    One of the most underrated apatow produced raunchy comedies, this one was on the HBO circuit for a while and I never could help watching it. - David P.
  24. Skyfall
    I notice some flaws each time I see it, but Skyfall is without a doubt the best 007 movie in terms of rewards. - David P.
  25. The Mummy
    It's such a fun and funny romantic adventure movie. It always sucks me right in! Brendan Frasier and Rachel Weisz have such great chemistry. I love love looove this movie. - Melissa
  26. Bring It On
    I know all the words and Bring It On's cheers! Lol. They are fun and I grew up loving and watching this movie to death, and I still do to this day. - Melissa
  27. Goodfellas
    I can always get something new out of it upon a rewatch. Whether it's paying closer attention to the shot structure, listening intently to the dialogue, or marveling at the performances, I always get pulled into Henry Hill's rise and fall story. - Matt G.
  28. National Treasure
    There's something about Nicolas Cage following a treasure map that's horribly engaging. It's such a fun action/adventure movie!
  29. Titanic
    I'LL NEVER LET GO, JACK. - @gabrielleadelle
  30. Overboard is a classic. This movie is Goldie Hawn shows her finest comedic chops. Her and her real life stud Kurt Russell sizzle the screen! 🚤💕
    Suggested by   @lizlapp
  31. Harry Potter series
    ABC Family marathons are the worst.
    Suggested by   @gabrielleadelle
  32. Holes
    Suggested by   @lactoseintolerance
    Suggested by   @jordana